we are the ones who are turned on, fierce, unashamed, untamed

    who live from the fire, uncompromising, unrestrained

    who are bold, passionate, raw and messy

    we are the wild&free

  • Unlocking the wild. Stepping into freedom.


    △ Soulful women

    △ Beautiful location

    △ Transformative container


    You're Wild


    At heart. You're raw - you feel, sense, experience being here so intensely it can be overwhelming.


    You're in touch with your darkness - it's come to be an old friend. And yet there are places still waiting for light, still waiting to be fully brought into awareness, accepted, loved into wholeness, SEEN. Honoured.


    You're a mature WOMAN - you're connected to your intuition, to the whispered knowing of your inner compass, to the endless flow of creativity in your belly, to your fire.


    You want to feel it all - but it's a lot.


    And so often it feels like there isn't enough space for it. You fear that if you live it all, if you share it with the world it might be too much.

    Too dark. Too messy.


    Too powerful.


    Because it is powerful.

    It is everything the world has taught us to tuck away nicely where it won't make anyone else feel uncomfortable.

    It is the paradox inherent in our deepest vulnerability.


    It is everything we're told is unacceptable, unfeminine, uncivilised.

    It is the furnace of our power and the death of all that is sterile, controlled, contracted.


    It is openness, flow, receptivity, intensity.


    It is the deepest essence of YOU.

    And Free


    The world we live in is a tamed place. Wild ones are not made to feel welcome.


    And yet, as a forest needs the fire to clear out the old and make space for new growth - we are so badly needed.


    You value freedom above all else. And you know that it lies within. That your task is to liberate yourself from the burden of convention, repression, and limitation, and live all that you are.


    Give all that you are.


    Because you are needed. Your voice is needed. Your wildness is needed.


    The world is longing for you to be wildly, unapologetically YOU. 


    ⋘ ⋙



     If you’re ready to step into it – all of it;

     If you're ready to unlock the wild, the raw, the messy; 

    ➳ If you’re greatest desire is to become intoxicatingly free;

    ➳ If you're committed to embodying your power; your darkness and your radiance

    ➳ If you long for wildhearted sisters to dance alongside you and hold the vision with you;


    Then the Wild&Free Retreat is for you.


    ⋘ ⋙


  • ☽ THE TRIBE ☾

    It's about sisterhood, connection, nakedness, vulnerability, belly laughs, outrageous honesty, transparency and vision-holding.


    It's offering all of ourselves, nurturing each other, sharing stories, peeling back the layers, honouring each others' divinity, igniting each other, getting dark and messy, stepping into possibility together


    ↠ ↞

    ☽ THE VIBE ☾

    Think girls' weekend meets full moon drum circle meets sacred space for transformation.


    It's about diving in to our deepest essence, together, whilst being good to ourselves, opening and exploring and expanding, and getting laser-sharp clarity on the vibe we want to embody from here on out 


    ↠ ↞

    ☽ COME ALIVE ☾

    It’s about stepping into our wildheartedness, our aliveness, reclaiming our freedom, spirit, joy and divinity, our creativity, our passion, our rawness, our intuition, our feminine wisdom, our earthy darkness, our power, our boldness


    To live unleashed, wild, unashamed, uncensored, unrestrained, uncompromising....on fire


    ↠ ↞

  • “She's mad, but she's magic. There's no lie in her fire.”
    { Charles Bukowski }

  • How do I join?


    This is not for everyone.


    Wild&Free is a retreat for women who have done their due diligence (i.e., the healing work) and are ready to step into the fire of their own life force. The fire is a powerful energy that needs a strong container; if you are unsure of whether you’re ready or not, get in touch and we’ll explore together.


    I work with women who inspire me and are committed to stepping into their power and taking their lives to the next level – for this reason the retreat is application only and will be limited to a small number of extraordinary women.


    ≜ ≜ ≜ 


    Contact me. We’ll speak and explore if this is for you, now.

    ⋘ ⋙


    I want to know


    ↠ Are you the woman you dreamed you would be when you were 10 years' old?


     ↠ What would change if you lived everything inside you?


    ↠ Who are you when you step into the fire of your essence?


     ↠ What does your life look like 10 years from now if nothing changes?


     ↠ What is the cost of playing safe?

  • Feminine power is silent, dark, mysterious, healing, nurturing. A woman can walk into a room and control it. She doesn't even have to open her mouth if she knows where her power is.

    { Iyanla Vanzant }

  • “The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it. ”

    { Roseanne Barr }


  • Testimonials


    "I cannot express with words how the WILD&FREE retreat impacted me. Steph created a loving and relaxing atmosphere where everything was possible and where all of us felt loved, looked after and safe.

    Both the times where we were working on the content and the times of relaxation were perfectly balanced and constituted a whole experience in which the connections grew and strengthened and which eased a personal transformation. Mind, body and soul were perfectly taken care of.

    The retreat, for me, provided me with a recognition of my body - I have started to walk paying more attention to my hips, I also walk slower and tend to sway my hips. Only this makes me feel more sure and powerful! I have started to dance sensually at home when I am alone, and look at my breasts with love.

    The retreat has definitely changed me, I have gained more confidence and strength."


    Maria Ortega Garcia, www.mariaortegagarcia.com


    ≜ ≜ ≜


    "There was so much magic in the Wild&Free Retreat. Steph's approach allows for so much possibility & freedom, for deep healing, profound insights, for co-creation, for inner creativity to be fully expressed and experienced, and for empowerment. Doing the Retreat was a huge step for me; I was pretty scared of being within a group like that and my biggest fear was that at some point I was going to lose myself and not find my way back. But Steph creates such an easy, safe and loving space to be in that even if your worst fear happens, it’s actually ok. As it happens mine did, and within that sacred space I was able to have a life changing experience by moving through my fear, and as a result now feel much more confident about dealing with this issue and not shying away from such opportunities of being with others. This is huge for me; the start of a new inner fire of freedom.

    The Wild&Free Retreat created for me many deep shifts on many levels, within the presence of beauty, conviviality, sacred silences, enlightening inspiration, wild fun, fiery laughs and enchanting feminine complicity. I dared to be myself and was met with nothing but encouragement, acceptance and the embrace of the divine support of sisterhood. I am hugely grateful to Steph and all the sisters present. THANK YOU. I have grown with you and I will never forget ♡."


    Julie Le Carrer, www.julielecarrer.com


    ≜ ≜ ≜